What is your lead time?

6 Weeks after confirmation of samples from the customer is our normal lead time for normal orders, we will require 3-4 weeks lead time for repeating orders.

Do you make delivery for ready stocks?

Yes. We have a dedicated loading team for our orders, once vessel booking is ready, we are able to load it almost immediately.

Can you make a custom product that is entirely new what is the MOQ?

Yes, we have a development department that can make personalized products based on your designs or samples. It will be a minimum of 100 Carton boxes or 1 Metric tons for LCL orders/per design.

What is your price and how do I get a quote?

Please provide us with the following specifications to get the most accurate/competitive quote: Bag type Size Material Thickness Printing color Quantity Artwork Design Packaging details

Do you provide quality assurance? How do you monitor your quality?

Yes, consistent quality for our customers is the top priority in AAB. Our QC Dept. is split into 4 sections: Extrusion, Printing, Cutting and Packaging Process, with a specialized and dedicated team of 30 technicians and QC Staffs to ensure all our products are in the perfect condition round the clock for our customers.